Nurses Need Support

By the time I was twenty one I realized I had seen more in my life than most people will ever see.  By this, I mean I had seen more horrors and tragedy than anyone my young age had experienced.  What do you do with all of this?  How does one cope with death on a regular basis, horrible wounds and injuries and families totally devasted by what has happened to their loved one?

When I was a student nurse it was stressed that nurses do not allow their feelings to be seen by patients, families and other hospital staff.  Supposedly that has changed today but has it?  Today, even if allowed there is no time to breathe and deal with the feelings.  So how does one deal with this at the end of the day; day after day ?

My goal on this site is to share some of these experiences with others and especially with other nurses and health care providers.  I, also, hope that others will share their experiences and feelings with me and perhaps find some support and solace by doing so.