Everyone Has A Role In Patient Care

I have said this before on this website that much of what I am talking about relates to all departments in the hospital.  All departments are effected by the issues and problems in the hospital.  It is not just the nurses that are effected and that need support. I have a niece that is a […]

No One Cares Anymore

l Current Revision by sandy1 min ago (23 Jun @ 03:58) Title No One Cares Anymore No One Cares Anymore Content I was at a high school graduation this past weekend for a family member.  I started a conversation with someone in the family that is not a nurse or a direct care provider but […]

Nurses Are Not Important.

As I said in my introduction to who I am, I went on to get my BS and MA in Psychology and I also fell in love with a psychologist.  I thought he was the most important person in the world.  I don’t mean because he was the man I loved, but because he was […]

How Does A Serious Error Impact A Nurse?

I recentlly read some articles about this.  Most of the articles are about MD’s and how they are effected by serious errors.  As is usual there is little written about the subject as it relates to nurses.  However  the effects of a serious error are pretty much the same for both ans what they need […]

Nurses Give It All

From the time a person enters school to become a nurse she is taught and encouraged to give and give and give.  If you know a nurse you probably know that she works many hours of overtime.  Why?  Yes, the money is good, but it is not just for the money.  Nurses do it because […]