About Me

Hi, my name is Sandy.  I have worked as an RN all of my life.  I went to a diploma school right out of high school for three years and got my RN.  I then went to college and majored in psychology and got a BS.  By the time I finished this program I knew I wanted to work in psych, so I continued and got an MA in psychology.  I taught nursing for a few years and then started working in psych or behavioral health and did this for the remainder of my car



I have seen and experienced a lot during those years and have a lot to share about all of those years in nursing.  I loved working as a nurse and my rewards came from my patients.  However it is not all roses.  From a very young age a nurse sees things that most people never see in a life time.  It can be very stressful and nurses need a place to express and release some of these horrors.  I hope that this will help others find a way to do so and find a way to deal.

When I was getting my MA in Psychology I had to take oral exams at the end.  I had to present and defend one of the theories of personality.  I chose and still defend Carl Rogers theory and find it useful in my work as well as in every day life.  In doing a lot of research and thinking a lot about it and how it could change how nurses are taught from the beginning of their education through their work in the future, I think that Roger’s theory could have a tremendous and valuable impact on in the supervision of nurses and all healthcare workers.

My hope is that supervisors in the field of nursing from the top down could help reduce some of the stress or at least help nurses deal with it.  Nurses and all departments in healthcare are facing unbelievable shortages which probably are related to the stresses that they face every day and some of this might be dealt with better which would make a difference.  Some of the stress is due to just this, which is that they are short handed and unable to do the job they would like to be able to do.  Most nurses are idealists and when they can not do the job that they want to do more stress is added and eventually it gets way out of control.


If you have any questions and commoents regarding this please feel free to ask below.  I am here in hopes of being able to help nurses support the reduction of stress and to find ways of doing so.