Hospital Politics

Hospital Politics.  I guess every place of employment has this within their facilities and I know that policies are more stringent and more strict and need to be followed more in a healthcare facility as the life of people are at stake.  Everyone knows this and no nurse disagrees with it.  This is not exactly what I am trying to get across here, however.

Some facilities can go over board.  It is possible to make some allowances and still have a functioning facility.  Some places carry things too far and make the life of its employees even more stressful.  Why not look at the whole picture and try to make some changes.  Nothing is always that cut and dry.  The place will survive if one little change, allowance in certain situations takes place.  In fact it might even improve morale, which frequently is quite low in health care facilities.

Have you ever watched Undercover Boss on television?  Basically, what has come through is that if you value you employees and treat them like they are worth something you will get much more from them.  If people are happy they work harder and productivity increases.  Healthcare facilities seem to think that if they give a little the employee will take advantage of them and cheat them.  The opposite has been proven true.  It increases self esteem and self worth and when a person feels better about himself he works harder and gives more of himself.

This might be a start for the facilities to help reduce stress.  It might be an alternative for the facility to keep their nurses happier and keep them as a nurse.  Might be worth a try.