About Me

Hi, my name is Sandy.  I have worked as an RN all of my life.  I went to a diploma school right out of high school for three years and got my RN.  I then went to college and majored in psychology and got a BS.  By the time I finished this program I knew I wanted to work in psych, so I continued and got an MA in psychology.  I taught nursing for a few years and then started working in psych or behavioral health and did this for the remainder of my career.

I have seen and experienced a lot during those years and have a lot to share about all of those years in nursing.  I loved working as a nurse and my rewards came from my patients.  However it is not all roses.  From a very young age a nurse sees things that most people never see in a life time.  It can be very stressful and nurses need a place to express and release some of these horrors.  I hope that this will help others find a way to do so and find a way to deal.